Get Started with TradeFi

6 articles / 60-minute read


How To Deposit Funds

10 mins read
Investors can easily deposit crypto or fiat funds to the TradeFi platform.

How To Make An Investment

10 mins read
This article explains how to make Investments and start earning interest with TradeFi.

How To Repay A Loan

10 mins read
This explains how the simple loan repayment process works on TradeFi.

How To Request A Loan

10 mins read
A step-by-step guide for Importers wanting to request loans through the TradeFi platform.

AI Link Group Limited, through its operating affiliates, AI Link Finance Limited (collectively “ALG” or “AI Link”) provides TradeFi, an integrated platform which allows holders of Ethereum-based stablecoins to earn interest income generated from trade finance assets.

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